Strive Happiness

Sometimes happiness is not always located on the first, because most of the best would always emerge from the last option ...

So do not be sad if it fails at first because the best will come afterwards. Look at that!!

Everyone who has ever failed with the first, but no means fail with an afterward. Before the best emerged there would be no word "her last", then the failure must not preclude measures to obtain happiness in the end with the best.

Strengthen your heart for those who never fail, get up and open a new spirit of welcome that later. Happiness will come to replace. Open your heart and let him come. The best man will soon be over, pay attention!

It may be that some people experience love first and last. And that is certainly a boon not only because of human effort. There was divine intervention in it.
God ill never gave only one chance on anyone because it was always there are options in terms of looking for the best.
That is what the intellect, the human mind equipped to determine and conscience as a consideration ..

Someone may have success with the first, but certainly after the process, including when he was also taken as the last!
Now living how your decision, would look for the best and ending with happiness or prefer to enjoy the increasingly apparent shadow makes your heart hurt because of the failure of love?

Like hair, suffering also must be cut, before he covered all common sense and also your psychic eye ..
Do not be afraid to fail and do not ever feel like there's no future after experiencing failure on the first.
You deserve a try again.

Keep in mind:
Failure to make the experience.
What happened yesterday should you make the lesson.
Think carefully and think yourselves good and bad.
Each option has risks.

Rhymes missed

Needless to say the words you love me if it was just because of pity and forced.
You know, that tie is sincerity and earnestness. Because I already know you and I trust you then have decided to be faithful and be patient to wait.
I knocked on the door begging God clue where the direction should go too with you.
Hail, O lover longing shadows.
You and me that we are.

When the time comes then the beloved will leave and that the desires will be lost.
Life will continue to run even though filled with tears.
If I could repeat all the time wasted, but I knew I could not even with tears in their eyes.
As time went by tears of laughter in my breath, black and white in my life all there is in your hands Lord.
Let me lean in just a love of God.
Oh God, You are the Supreme Love.

Love of the Supreme Love

Maybe some people getting up and activity, on the contrary there are some others preparing to sleep after Fajr time.

Each man brings his own fate line and life will never be the same for anyone in this world.

So let the beautiful in diversity because we live in a different way, but enjoying the same one love,

Love of the Supreme Love.

Can live without feeling and without any desire?
Wants to let it all happen according to nature.

Like when a hot day and the sun burned the body.
Like when the wind blows and makes us lulled.
Or like when to cross the river and the water is soothing foot rinse clean.
Oo, can not we live and let everything happen as it is right?

No need to worry ...
No need to be disappointed ..
No need no regrets ....
All will be beautiful in time ....

When love has gone

Remembering back when meeting with you.
Everything is beautiful and full of love.
You Water the me with love and genuine concern.
Protect me and comfort me in times sad.

So long you become love and my best friend
It never occurred to me to leave you.
I always pray and hope.
Someday you will be a guard my heart forever.

But now that hope has been lost.
Eroded flat by the egoism and ambition.
You've changed and I hardly know anymore.
All the promise in the wind.

I'm speechless, crying ....
Want to run my leave of this bitter reality.
Hopefully this is just a nightmare.
But I opened my eyes, it really happened.

Love is confusing.
Can make laugh and happy.
But one time can be stabbed and heartbreaking.
Creating crying and depressed.

No one regretted.
I'm grateful never felt love.
Although no happy ending.
One day I'm sure will meet with the love of my life.

Learning to love someone who is not perfect with the perfect way

When we met the right person to love, when we are at the right place, that's the opportunity.

When we meet someone who makes you interested, it's not a choice, that opportunity.

Meet in an event is not an option, that too is an opportunity.

If we decide to love that person, even with its shortcomings, it's not a chance, it is a choice.

When we vote together with someone no matter what happens, it is a choice.

Even when we realize that there are many others. Even more interesting, more intelligent, richer than your mate and still choose to love him, that's the choice.

Feelings of love, sympathetic, interested, came as an opportunity to us.

But true love is eternal is the choice. Choices we do.

Talking about the soul mate .. there is a quote that may be very precise: "Fate brought us together, but still depends on us how to make everything successful. "

The importance of social life in this world

In the friendship I was always trying to be unselfish. But sometimes under certain conditions, even myself who feel aggrieved.

Just like today, sometimes I felt cheated by my colleagues. He was not happy if they see I'm not doing anything or playing with computers. Always he immediately told me to do the actual work that he work, or sometimes asked to help.

And when I'm busy and she was playing games or browsing the Internet, I never told him to help me. Once, I told him to help me, but I can always answer a complaint from him.

Since then I have never told him, I always try to wait to face like that. Because if I obey my emotions, so that I can just tired and I want to enjoy my job with pleasure that I get there for what can be realized.

Well .. that's how the social relationships that are important in this life. Because we are not going to live alone in this world, we certainly will need help either today, tomorrow, or several days ahead and for ever.


For an angel night
As my eyes began to shut,
The world became dark gripping,
Pray expecting God blessing,
Expect a speck of light street lights,

O daughter night
Take me to the pile and articulated your comfortable cotton,
And if you do not mind
Take I dream about the future
The future is full of sharp gravel
Sometimes not escape from the insults and taunts people

Angel of my nights waiting
I wait you say patience
"My husband, you are always my dear,
Gravel was not sharp right turn,
Disapproval was not right to reduce the sense of affection "

O angel dream
Love me for the rest of your life
But the hopes and dreams
Do you beat your love and affection to God

Because I love you always expect God's blessing

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